Authors Note

A Note on Pornography and the Decline of Spirituality and Inner Strength

Nearly all masturbation involves lust and mental fantasy, which disconnects you from real relationships with real people.

The Internet has created a wave of weak and fixated pornography addicts with its pervasive porn delivery mechanism. Combined with a money driven media machine, one is beset on all sides by women (the nurturer of the human race) being used to sell you things, you don’t need, with money you don’t have, to impress people you don’t like.

These women are our sisters, companions, friends, lovers and mothers. What ever series of events led them to the sex as entertainment lifestyle, no amount of debate can convince any relatively sane person that the lifestyle of promiscuity for entertainment is healthy. By being involved in it in any way and by viewing it, you are supporting it. The end result is a cowed, furtive, hunched, sweaty, drained, weak loser – hiding away, bathed in the malignant glow of a screen. Upon emerging he flinches from the happy gazes or loud laughter of others.

By supporting pornography you are not helping make a better world but are actually part of the team of people making a stinker world. By not making a better world you are degrading yourself and limiting your power.

This is an open call to a better way.

I am all for intelligent eroticism in the arts and in life. I feel these things aid us in developing sexually when it is shared with our friends and partners, but the image of a sweaty loner masturbating furiously to lewd scenes of degraded people in a plastic world just makes me sad for the waste of human potential.

That guy is wasting valuable time that could be spent with a wonderful woman or getting himself to a state where he could meet a nice girl, eventually sharing and exploring each other as only two intimately connected people can. Or the time could even be better spent staring at a wall.