Destroying Minds and Reaping Souls
Or: How to Create a Sane Stable Relationship Based on Trust and Full of Love

Wisdoms from a reformed Womanising Wastrel. An essay on observations made and tools that can be used by male humans. The data I present, based on my experience and experiment over a 10 year period, can be used to create a string of sex based, meaningless relationships that will eventually eat you up inside and turn you into a deranged Gollum like creature, or it can be used to create a great sane stable relationship based on trust and full of love that will endure. The power you gain by holding in your magic, as detailed, can be used to woo women.

Lesson ONE:
First you must establish if the girl you have decided to woo is trying to live a full, rich life as a good person or if she is trying to go under. All people are doing one of either. Is this girl going up or down? Is she trying to do herself in and do in those around her with drugs, ill health, lies, deceit and mistrust? Or is she a loving being of light who is trying to get along and help those on her way?

If she is trying to collapse herself, her life and those around her, then there is nothing easier to get in the sack, as she will be promiscuous, offering up her quim to all and any. Just supply her the smokes, booze and drugs she wants to help her on her way and point out to her how all your past relationships failed and how you never feel any good, your always broke and how you are rapidly going down hill, she will think she will have found her soul mate. Then you can enter a filthy relationship based on poison, mistrust and evil and both rapidly go down the chute out of the sight of men.

So if you are on the way out yourself just take my advice on how to get a foul temptress and off you go but if you are doing a bit better yourself and want something more read on.

Lesson TWO:
Work on your self. This may seem cliché yet it is important. A girl who is doing well wants a guy who can protect, provide and care for her no matter how independent she may seem. She will want to form a cohesive survival unit; her and some great guy against the world. Are you that guy? Good looks and charm may get you in the door but it is ability and strength that will keep you in the house.

So in the first few conversations talk about yourself a bit (not to the degree of looking like a complete weasel, but enough) let her know that you are doing well and heading UP. You have money, goals and prospects for the future, you are healthy fit and strong, you have heaps of friends and are well liked and respected. (Now don’t seem like a boasting idiot but just work it all into the conversation. When she asks “So what do you do?” you want to answer “survive very well”). Then tell her some stories in a quasi modest fashion about how you saved the day a few times and came through for some friends in a “knight in shining amour” type way. Also most of all, listen to her and look into her eyes. Don’t just stare at her tits and wait for your turn to speak.

If you are not in the above position already then first work on your self to get yourself in such a position of stability in your personal life. It is when you are “sorted” that you can move on the stepping-stone of delightful damsels.

So initiate conversation on a good point of mutual agreement and build up the friendship and caring goodness.

Have a respectable appearance . Girls like a guy who dresses well and can take care of himself, be clean and well groomed.

BE CONFIDENT. THIS IS THE KEY. There is no room for self doubt.

Lesson THREE:
Pheromones. In all my experience which, dear reader, is both much and varied I can say that these do play a part in the mating game. And the following are ways you can increase your pheromone level to powerful heights. Don’t use anything scented on your body. This means no cologne, or scented soaps. Don’t use clothes that smell like washing powder or pungent detergents. These things block your body’s natural odors. You don’t want to stink, defiantly do have a good scrub when needed, but smelling like a “guy” will work for you.

Don’t jerk off of course. Just hold it all in and feel your power grow. This increases your level of testosterone and thus pheromones. You will find many other powerful mental changes taking place, one of them being increased empathy and psychic abilities and you will need all the power you can get.

Of course don’t indulge in any porn what so ever. I feel porn heavily works against you when trying to attain a level of [your name here] is a legend, he has no trouble with women he can get any girl he likes. He never seems to be without a girl friend, he has magic powers.” I, my friend, have attained this title and you can too, by walking the path.

Lesson FOUR:
By walking the path to the tower in the clearing you can go a long way to procuring a wonderful girl to share your days with.

Be warned. When you finally blow a massive eye bulging sheet grabbing load (in the presence of your new woman and not in a moment of weakness hopefully) it will be quite a shock.

When I finally did, on the great day 96 (by then I saw myself as a golden god of pure power), having attained the rank of Holder of the Sacred Candle and Illuminator of the Secrets of the Inner Sanctum the orgasm was so intense that I came for about 20 seconds which felt as though a fire hose of lightning was blasting through me and then I blacked out completely for a good minute before being roused by my frightened girl.

The orgasm was unlike anything I had ever experienced before in the world of sexual pleasure.

Lesson FIVE:
A pitfall is wet dreams. You can try to control your dreams so you have dream orgasms and not blow thus redirecting the energy. So I guess it’s all about attaining the secrets of the inner sanctum. Sure people may laugh but you will remain strong within your TOWER OF IRON WILL. Oh how tired they look.

Lesson SIX:
I have noticed also if you are in a group of guys and all of you are talking to one goddess-like earthmaiden and all the guys there are making a play, you often don’t even have to say a word when you are on the path of the inner sanctum. You could just be in the room for the whole party mysteriously staring out the window all night as the other empty bagged dudes try to make their plays.

Your powerful scent permeates the room. The cells of her body recognize your powerful all encompassing signals. As she ushers all the suitors and partiers out at 2 am you can say to her in a subdued but friendly tone “Ill knock quietly on the door at 3 am” and then fade off into the darkness from whence you came.

When you return she is there in a bath robe eating a peach. She has the out door hippy bath ready and hot, adorned with bubbles and tea lights. She smiles as you enter and gives you a juicy peachy kiss. You wind up in the bath, gently soaping her firm round melons. She leads you to her recycled timber bed in her incense misted boudoir and you pound the night away, again and again disappearing into the snug void of her frighteningly hairy box while her long ribbon and bead festooned dreads bounce happily about her smooth tanned back like a curtain of love from a bygone age. She cries in delight as you unleash the demon again and again. Lightning blasts of energy coursing through your body, the bed nearly rising from the floor and spinning about from the sheer intensity of your passionate union.

Finally as the sun rises and the Tui bird begins its morning melodies you collapse, shivering, and amid tears of bliss into the arms of your partner. Her faith in masculinity restored. Her inner girl parts twitching and tweaking from traveling through the wall so many times. (The wall of “No! No! Don’t touch me there its too tickly now. No its too sensitive…mmmm…ohhh…ohhhhOHH GOD etc…). She holds you close and gently strokes your sweaty brow, her earthwoman scent penetrating your senses and soothing you into a dark womb like slumber. When you awake you search the house for your underpants, which are nowhere to be found. You spend the rest of the day holding hands while drinking organic green tea and leaning about each other. Congratulations. You are on your way to creating a sane stable relationship based on trust and full of love.

Sex is a part of life and is a wonderful gift to be enjoyed. But misused it carries penalties.