You may find that you start cheating yourself out of the full power available to you while properly on the path. And doing silly things, like trying to play the game while still perusing pornography, or engaging in cyber sex with a cousin (not a stranger – you tell yourself ) or only taking one minute luke warm showers or a million other variations of how NOT to make it to the inner sanctum and the healing light of the sacred candle.

By doing this you may experience some small lower harmonic of pseudo power, peeking out from beneath heavy layers of shame.

This will just distract you from your real goal. To be a 20 ft tall 10 gigawatt aura wearing angel of pure romantic POWER.

Don’t bother with lying to yourself. Accept no cheap substitute for the real goods. Put away the lingerie catalog, and take the pile of heavy books off your lap or what ever wacky shit your doing while pretending to be a Pathwalker and get into that cold shower. Four minutes this time.

Either take it up a notch or shut it down for good.