Open Invitation to Start Living

The mission of Pathwalkers is to empower men into a greater state of human potential through maintaining sexual abstinence between real sex with real woman and channeling the energy into creative, spiritual and romantic pursuits. In other words we are talking about single men, and men in relationship, knocking off the porn and the chronic masturbation, engaging themselves into life, communicating with real women and regaining the power they have lost.

The gathering of energy unto oneself can be achieved. There can be states of humming magic above what one regularly feels in ones existence.

Don’t jerk off. Abstain. Hold it all in, learn to channel it and feel your power grow. You will find many powerful mental changes taking place. Some of them being increased empathy and psychic ability.

Why ?
The rise of readily available and used pornography and the resultant weakness and uselessness have given rise to a weaker more useless man with:

  • Immense lowering of physical, mental and spiritual energy
  • Cowering ashamed shame facedness
  • Lowering of outward communication
  • Feelings of disconnection and lameness

On the other hand it is possible to have:

  • Powerful outgoing communication with those around you
  • Inner strength
  • Outwardly projected strength
  • The ability to woo women and lead your fellows
  • Immense raising of physical mental and spiritual energy
  • Radiant self confidence and steady poise
  • Control of the body’s slavish desires
  • More physical strength, and more upright stance
  • Greater alertness
  • Springing out of bed after six hours sleep like a god damn Jack in the box ready to assault the day and bend the universe to your powerful and Monk like will.