Ode to the Pathwalkers

There is a path.

The path leads to the clearing and in that clearing there is a Castle.
In the Castle there is a Sanctum.
In the Sanctum there is an inner Sanctum.
In the Inner Sanctum there is a Circle of Trust.
Within the Circle of trust there is an Inner Circle.
And in that inner Circle is the sacred candle and its flame illuminates the inner sanctum.

One is the holder of the sacred candle and the illuminator of the secrets of the inner sanctum.
One is the guardian of the sacred flame of the candle.
One is the watcher for suspicious breezes in the inner sanctum.
One is the holder of the sacred matches and the emergency lighter of the sacred flame.
One is the protector of the chalk line of the inner circle.
One is the holder of the key to the door to the inner Sanctum.
One is the listener at the inner door for the noise of a sacred whisper.
One is the banger at the door of the Sanctum.
One is the looker at the castle from the clearing.
One is the walker of the path.
One is the sitter at the tavern and the listener to the tale of the path.