To help you stay strong here are some pointers:

1. Do a huge porno sweep of your entire environment and don’t indulge in any naked pictures whatsoever of any form.

2. Set up the strictest parental controls on your computer possible so you are not inadvertently exposed to a mind crushing resolve destroying minge or tit.

3. The more barriers you can place between yourself and self inflicted power drain the better it will be. Your iron-will will have more time to kick in and take control of body based slavish desire.

4. Don’t have the shower too warm.

5. Go to bed only when you are so tired you are falling asleep already.

6. As soon as you wake up jump out of bed.

7. Generally try to avoid main stream media. TV, Magazines, Frat boy type American pie movies, anything after 8 pm at night. Even the smallest tit flash in the early stages can send a mind crashing into an out of control tailspin.

8. If you can see a naked woman through a window from your house, look away, close the blinds and have a cold shower focusing on purity and strength.

9. Engage yourself in life! Get out there and get into it.

10. Hang out with people who make you feel good.

11. Sublimate. This means changing ones drive (like a sexual impulse) into another better from. So take this energy you are generating and create! Artwork, music, hiking, whatever. Just change the form of the energy so it’s not wasted.

12. At times alone at night, when tired your focus and will can begin to wane. It is easy to submit to the trying influences of temptation. Stay strong! Do push-ups and jumping jacks ! As many as you need to cane the body down into subservience to your iron will again.

13. You need to do whatever you need to become the master of your domain.

14. Like any addiction the longer you abstain the closer you are to freedom and power. The early days are the hardest. Excuse the Pun.

15. A pitfall is wet dreams. You control your dreams so you can have dream Orgasms and not blow, thus redirecting the energy.

16. The bizarre gut wrench, fish hooks, spazmoid, wig fest you go through within the first month will eventually be overcome. If you stay strong. Know this and have faith.

17. Join or create a support group of fellow path walkers. Hold each other accountable. But don’t whine about your trials.

18. You can always OUT RUN the tweakfest feeling. If it gets so bad you don’t think you can take one more moment, just RUN. Run till you collapse if needed.

“I ran. I ran until my muscles burned and my veins pumped battery acid. Then I ran some more.” – Tyler Durden