The Rules

Between periods of real sex with real woman:

1. No physical stimulation of the body besides what is necessary for normal ablutions. Any physical stimulation of the body for the purpose of sexual excitement results in immediate loss of rank and returns the player to day zero.

2. No Pornography. Defined as writings, pictures, audio and film that can facilitate sexual excitement. Engaging in pornography for a period of longer than one second results in immediate loss of rank and returns the player to day zero.

3. During day zero, in order to commence or recommence the path, the walker must have a 2 minute (timed) cold shower (Cold tap on full – hot tap not on). Once the cold shower cleansing has been performed, the following day the player is on day 1.

4. If the player has real sex with a real woman he gracefully returns to day zero – no cold shower required. However if he doesn’t ejaculate he keeps his rank and does not return to day zero.

Note: Good luck trying not to ejaculate while trying to build a sexual relationship though. After you have had “sex” about three times and not ejaculated the woman will either:
a) dismiss you as some sort of weird monkish freak and be done with you or
b)  blame herself for not being able to satisfy you ” properly ” and go into some sort of tweaked introverted sorrowful wig out. You will also start to WHOLLY LOSE THE PLOT.


Real woman: No blow up dolls, androids, computer programs, hookers, strippers who have sex for money, phone sex girls, pity fucks from lesbian friends or anything even remotely in the same ballpark.

Real sex: Actual physical universe sexual congress with a member of the opposite sex who is in the same room as you. Which means no phone sex or pushing your dick into a warm apple pie or setting up some device where something drops jello on your balls or anything even remotely in the same ballpark.