What to Expect

Powers and Trials

Here is data on what you can expect on the path.

Day 3: Your first bit of testing has begun. Stay true to the path. Anyone should be able to make it to day three. If you cannot you are in need of serious help. I suggest prayer and fasting in a monastery somewhere, as simple words and ideas will not be enough to keep the body in line.

Day 5: You should find that you have a bit more energy now and may require only six or seven hours of sleep. You have truly entered the cold sweats and shaking stage.

Day 10: A general intensification of emotion will be felt. You may get angry easier or upset easier but also when you are having a great time with friends or listening to music it will feel wonderful.

A friend who was doing this once called me up after being at my house playing cards and asked me if he had hurt my feelings or insulted me during the game. I said “No” and then I realized he was on day 12. Oh, how we laughed!

WARNING! Between day 10 and day 25 you may be assaulted with huge sexual fantasies from your mind. Massive vivid pictoramas of past sexual experiences. These can last for a while and give you a raging hard on which you will have to hide somehow. But don’t indulge theses fantasies. It is just part of the mind collapsing under the onslaught of your iron will.

These assaults must be ridden out the same way you must ride out the “waking up in the middle of the night with a massive hard on and there is only one way to get back to sleep phase”. Be strong. Ride a wave of pure energy. Prevail. You are the boss of your body and your mind. You are running the show!

Day 15: More intense deepening of the emotional vortex. The world seems in sharper focus.

Day 20: The first of your powers kick in. You will find that you will feel a powerful glow or a warmth and strength from your belly button area. It seems to provide you with lots of energy. Also women will start noticing that there is “something about that smiling guy sitting next to me”. I would put this down to the power being emanated from you.

Day 25: You have sudden amazing perceptive abilities when it comes to women – you can kind of tell what they are feeling. Also, you may be able to tell how fertile or horny they are. You will smell odors that were previously below your awareness level. Hone your powers.

Generally an all round increase of powers will be felt but this one I found very noticeable. Revel in your new power but use it only for good.

Day 30: You are approaching a month. You should now feel no need to beat off at all and may even feel a slight superiority towards your fellow men. Oh how they look so tired! Guide them in to the light and ignore the cries of the unbeliever and the weak of will.

From day 30 on: The powers intensify, the visions lessen and the focus grows sharper.

There are more and wonderful powers that manifest at days 30 onward but these are the secrets of the inner sanctum and one must embark on this journey to receive these gifts. Then when you have earned these powers you can talk in hushed tones to your fellow Pathwalkers about these secret disciplines. We need no impostors reading this and pretending to be one of us while indulging on a secret spank fest.